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Member spotlight - Human Resource Council of Converse County

  • November 09, 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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Let's take a look at a training curriculum being used currently in Converse County through Cowboy State Healthcare Training

Host: Brennin Clark, AA, BA, Life coach and career coach

With the economic downturn during this pandemic, it is the goal of 4-Optimization to help improve the quality of life of your clients. Re-training for a new career requires commitment and flexibility. During this time of uncertainty, individuals are often resistant towards getting 'back on track,' especially when they are down and feel like they do not have control over their lives. By providing your clients with skills and adding resources to their 'toolbox,' we hope to ignite a motivation that will help them re-organize and re-gain that control. By bringing jobs that do not require traveling, those who cannot afford the financial strain or simply do not have the means to travel for work will still have an opportunity to gain a job from their own home, using their newfound skills. 

We want to propose a suitable solution for the state of Wyoming. 4-Optimization has refined a virtual and in-person training program. This program is fully customizable and can be made to fit families who need flexibility. Our proposed solution splits a three-month program into three individual courses. The first month is heavily focused on the major skills an individual will need to help manage their personal lives. We believe that this is essential for clients to learn and understand before entering the workforce and starting their professional lives. Once the individual has finished the first part, they will begin the second part of the course. This portion of the course is focused on learning job skills in one of three specific online careers. The last month will comprise of job search aid, resumé assistance, and interview preparation. Our company will achieve this by holding in-person sessions and using online learning portals to help strengthen learning concepts. We look forward to teaming up with your organization and providing solutions by implementing programs that benefit our citizens.

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