CSBG Acronyms 

  • CAA: Community Action Agency, also known as a CEE

  • CAP: The National Community Action Partnership also know as "The Partnership". CAP is a membership organization that provides technical assistance, training and other resources to Community Action Agencies, nonprofits and public groups funded by CSBG

  • CAP-PAC: Community Action Program Political Action Committee. CAP-PAC is the only political action committee dedicated to fighting poverty by supporting the national efforts of the Community Action network. CAP-PAC is part of the work of NCAF

  • CAPLAW: Community Action Program Legal Services. CAPLAW is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to providing the legal, governance and management resources necessary to sustain and strengthen the national CAA network

  • CEE or CSBGEE: CSBG Eligible Entity, A CEE is a private nonprofits or public organizations that receives funding from the Community Services Block Grant and designated by the state as an Eligible Entity in accordance with the CSBG Act  

  • CFR: Code of Federal Regulations. CFR is the codification of rules of the executive departments and agencies of the federal government.

  • CNA: Community Needs Assessment

  • CSBG: Community Service Block Grant

  • CSNOW: Community Services Network of Wyoming

  • FPL: Federal Poverty Level

  • IM: Information Memoranda. An IM provides guidance to assist in implementing the CSBG legislation, program instruction and policy clarification, in addition to disseminating information and program practices to stakeholders

  • IS Report: Information Survey Report 
  • NASCP: National Association for State Community Services Programs. NASCP is the national association charged with advocating and enhancing the leadership role of states in preventing and reducing poverty.  
  • NCAF: National Community Action Foundation. NCAF represents CAAs and their state and regional associations in Washington, D.C. in an effort to ensure that the federal government continues to support the Community Action Program.
  • NPIs: National Performance Indicators
  • OCS: Office of Community Services. The federal office that oversees CSBG. OCS is within the Administration for Children and Families. The Administration for Children and Families is within the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
  • ROMA: Results Oriented Management and Accountability
  • RPIC: Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia. To learn more about the RPIC grant and its purpose you can check out IM 123 and IM 151
  • T/TA: Training and Technical Assistance. T/TA is the planning, development, delivery, and evaluation of resources and activities designed to achieve designed to achieve specific learning objectives, resolve problems, and foster the application of innovative approaches.   

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