RIPIC/CARES Remote Work Equipment Program

Program funding parameters -

1. Procurement of equipment requested is the sole responsibility of the Grantee upon approval of request.

2. The MAXIMUM allowable expense for reimbursement shall be $1500 per Grantee.

3. All approved expenses will be reimbursed to the grantee upon receipt of proof of purchase.

4. Funds are available on a "first come, first served" basis.

5. Once these funds are exhausted, the program is closed until further funding is received.

6. Grantees must apply ON BEHALF of their sub-grantees.

7. Application period shall begin on January 4th through February 28th. Grantees must apply before the end of the application period

7. A Grantee CAN be helped more than once, provided all other grantees have either been served, or have no need of assistance.

8. Funding may be used for costs incurred on or after March 27, 2020.

9. CARES Act supplemental funding shall be used to supplement, not supplant, existing funds.

How To Apply:

1. Download and complete the application.

2. Print and sign the completed form, then scan and email to:


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